Real estate transactions

How we can help you

The Investpoint team's passion for real estate investment is overlaid with detailed analysis of the central Bucharest area to help clients make the best decisions in the process of selling or buying.
We analyse real estate offers on a daily basis to understand the price dynamics of different types of assets, from land suitable for real estate development to apartments and commercial spaces suitable for investment.

The trading process with Investpoint specialists is simple and efficient:

1. we understand - in the preliminary discussion - the need you have as an owner or investor

2. we estimate the average price for the type of property taking into account our +15 years of experience in real estate analysis and valuation

3. identify the best options in the real estate market for sale or purchase and

4. we are with you throughout the negotiation process until the real estate transaction

For a profitable real estate transaction, we combine the knowledge and experience of Investpoint's real estate investment consultants with the data analysis and financial forecasting passion of our valuations and feasibility studies department.
Thus, clients receive more than just support in negotiating and transacting their property at the best price, they also receive an understanding of the real estate market and detailed information about their property's features and transaction steps.