Feasibility studies

The Feasibility Studies and Real Estate Analysis Department is designed to help investors understand the local real estate context in order to build their business plan down to the last detail.

With +15 years of experience in real estate analysis, we specialize in thoroughly understanding the area suitable for real estate development, average prices for different types of assets, and average absorption rate (how many apartments sell on average based on property characteristics).

For example, some developers may want to know how certain land can be developed.
Depending on the real estate market intelligence, a feasibility analysis provides all the information a developer or real estate investor needs to calculate the return on investment: analysis of the most sought-after properties according to the target market and type of property (residential, commercial, office), the profile of potential customers, average obtainable prices and average sales pace.
All these elements are analysed in relation to the zonal and regional competition of the planned property development.

We are passionate about understanding in detail the projects we are involved in, our analysis consists of field research and discussions with owners and developers to include relevant, real and concrete elements in feasibility studies to help developers make the best real estate decisions.
Our team has actively participated in detailed real estate analyses with local and foreign developers, providing the necessary support to understand and calculate as accurately as possible the time needed to sell the developed complex and the maximum profitability that can be obtained through this investment.