Individual Property Valuation - ANEVAR Valuator

Our team provides a wide range of real estate valuation services so that all clients receive the most relevant information in this field. In this respect, there are several important services that clients can access in our company.


For an ANEVAR assessment, the client will work exclusively with specialists in the field.
An ANEVAR appraiser is a person who has experience and competence, but also correctly applies all the legal techniques that allow the appraisal to be carried out, according to the Code of Ethics for Appraisers.
A certified appraiser has the role of estimating the value of a property and creating special reports for this purpose for all types of land or buildings.
These specialists carry out real estate valuation at a professional level, paying attention to even the smallest details when valuing property.

Land valuation

The evaluation of a site requires the exclusive collaboration of specialists who can draw up relevant reports. Property valuation is a process of estimating the value of a property based on its characteristics. To estimate the market value of a piece of land, whether it is used for building or agricultural purposes, whether it is built on or off the land, several comparison criteria are used, such as location, dimensions, shape, site typography, depth to width ratio and distance between the land and the transport network. In the case of land that is used for agricultural purposes, the quality class, distance from the access road and productivity will be taken into account.

Valuation of houses and apartments

A home and apartment appraiser will review all the important information about the apartment or property of interest so as to determine as accurate a value as possible. Thus, the value resulting from working with the appraiser will be based on a detailed report that gives the buyer the guarantee that he has invested correctly. Such a report also gives the seller the benefit of fair dealing.

The purpose of the property valuation report is to estimate the value as clearly as possible, based on all the advantages and disadvantages that the property has and taking into account several pre-established standards that are considered relevant to the purpose of the valuation. Thus, with the help of the reports received, both the seller and the buyer have similar benefits, giving and receiving the amounts deserved, according to the quality of the real estate traded.

Our specialists carry out valuations to the highest standards, based on the experience of the professionals in the team, who will quickly and efficiently observe the most important details, so that the final report contains the relevant values for the real estate property being studied, regardless of its nature and the purpose for which it will be used.