About us

Our team provides a full range of services, from property valuations, feasibility studies and identification of properties suitable for real estate investment, to advising on acquisitions, rentals and negotiating the property transaction process. Every client who uses our services benefits from maximum involvement in making the best decisions investment decisions.

In the advice and analysis delivered to clients, every member of the team makes informed, well-considered and reasoned decisions. We believe that thorough analysis and fully assumed risks are the most important steps in making a decision to invest in a property.

We draw on extensive knowledge and professional skills developed over a long period of working in Romania, so that we can guide clients to the best investment solutions. Our comprehensive real estate valuation and investment analysis services are aimed at all those who decide to invest and become active participants in real estate. We provide investment advice and real estate analysis based on four core values that set us apart from the competition:


We are an investment analysis and real estate valuation firm where every member of the team is dedicated and experienced, eager to learn and develop continuously so that we can offer the most comprehensive service packages to our clients;


Accurate data drives the best results, and our team invests time and effort in such analysis to provide clients with the clearest and most relevant information;


Because everything around us changes rapidly, our company is constantly adapting and developing so that our services remain of the highest quality standard;


Because real estate investing is all about the numbers, it's the Investpoint team that takes passion to an art form, managing all the data with passion and dedication so that our clients' investments can thrive.

Hi 👋 I'm Cristian Nicola, the founder of Investpoint!

If you've arrived here, it means you're looking for business valuation solutions or real estate consulting. You've come to the right place!

We have a team of specialists at our side, and together we will put our knowledge and experience to work to provide you with the best possible service. We're lucky to have the opportunity to work in a field we're passionate about, and it shows in everything we do.

I discovered real estate appraisals in 2007 and have been hooked ever since. I wanted to improve my skills in this field and did a 3-month study in Canada, a Master's in the UK and an MBA in Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Since 2007, I started working as a real estate appraiser, in different banks and companies in Romania, Italy and Canada. In 2014 I took my first step into entrepreneurship, when I opened a company together with a friend. Meanwhile, in 2016, I also became a lecturer at ANEVAR.

Since 2018, I started on my own and founded Investpoint. Since then, we have constantly expanded and improved the team and developed several departments. Today, Investpoint is a real estate and business valuation and consulting company appreciated by more and more clients, including large, internationally owned companies. Our story continues and we look forward to you being part of it!