Structural analysis of buildings

Technical assistance for the purchase of a residential or commercial building is carried out non-invasively, checking the quality of the building's structure, the interior and exterior finishes and the execution of the building's renovation works.

We analyse electrical, plumbing, thermal installations and fire safety issues.

As part of the structural analysis of the building, we check all permits, approvals and technical projects related to the building. We verify on site how these projects have been respected and detail the technical information necessary for the client to understand the physical characteristics of the building.

The process of trading real estate in the protected area of Bucharest requires a lot of checking.

Why? Because the law requires a building permit for any type of modification, even for renovation or exterior painting of the property. The Ministry of Culture's opinion is required for this building permit, as well as a technical expertise of the building.

The process of renovating a building in the central protected area of Bucharest is a lengthy one and involves the input of technical experts with different specialisations to obtain the opinion of the City Hall and the Ministry of Culture.